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Counseling Services

Hello there, my name is Lauren Jenkins. I am a provisional licensed professional counselor (PLPC). I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and my master’s degree in counseling (the clinical mental health counseling track). I received both my undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I believe that God led me into this profession in order to provide hope, support, information, and therapy to my clients.
I love spending time with my family, being out in nature, taking care of my dog, reading, crafting, playing music, and crocheting.
Hobbies add flavor to life and can also serve as ways to cope with life difficulties. As such, I love to incorporate client’s hobbies into counseling.

What Do You Do?
I provide counseling to children, teenagers, adults, and older adults who are struggling with various concerns. I utilize theories and specific therapeutic techniques in order to aid clients in an approach that best fits their needs. My primary approach to therapy stems from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which looks at the way thoughts and beliefs impact behaviors and feelings.
As a provisional licensed professional counselor (PLPC), I work under the supervision of a site supervisor (Bro. Marty, LPC) and a board-approved supervisor (Donna Hunstock, LPC-S).
In order to help clients, I assess them, create treatment plans, design session plans, help them set goals and determine steps to accomplish their goals, and help them throughout the therapeutic process to aid them in creating cognitive, behavioral, and emotional goals.
I work with concerns and mental health concerns including, but not limited to:
-attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder           
-anger management
-child custody            
-decision making
-addiction in individuals ready to change         
-domestic violence/abuse 
-life transitions                                                  
-peer relationships    
-coping skill development

What Training Do You Have?
I have my bachelor’s degree in psychology and my master’s degree in counseling. I specifically studied the clinical mental health counseling track at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I have been working at the Ministry since August 2018. I completed my practicum, internship, and began working at the Ministry as a PLPC. I have also been working at Step One Counseling under the supervision of Juanita Moorman, LCSW since April 2019. At this site, I currently work with court-mandated clients involved in the legal system. There, I work concerns including:  addiction, domestic violence, theft prevention, decision making, and anger management.
I have my certificate of completion in Moral Reconation Therapy. Moral Reconation Therapy is utilized to help maximize moral reasoning in criminal offenders, decrease treatment dropout rates, minimize antisocial behavior and thinking, and help criminal offenders have a greater sense of life purpose. This program is often used with individuals in the criminal justice system who struggle with substance use disorders/addiction. I also have a certificate of completion for Moral Reconation Therapy: Breaking the Chains of Trauma Training. This training helped prepare me to aid clients who have endured trauma in their lives and who are looking to regain control over their lives.